What were the biggest UX trends of 2016?

As we move onward to a new year, we still look backwards and analyze the trends and ideas delivered by the UX trends.

As we move onward to a new year, we still look backwards and analyze the trends and ideas delivered by the UX trends. Which does bring the question, which were the biggest UX trends for the past year?

Anticipatory design

This was a major trend for sure and it did bring in front some very interesting ideas for sure. Not only does this bring in front some interesting options and the value that you receive here is second to none. This type of design makes it easy for the UX designers to remove some of the unnecessary tasks so they can focus on the essential stuff. It’s a great experience and one that does provide some incredible ideas and results for the longer term.

More video on websites

The great thing about UX is that it’s always changing. And since more and more people like to use videos on websites, UX did get affected by this. As a result, more and more videos are added on websites, specifically on landing pages and other pages designed to generate conversions. It’s one of the best ways to communicate with the visitor and one that does bring in front an incredible set of results.


Yes, storytelling is very important in the UX world.  People want to follow a story when they visit a website, they are tired of just visiting the same old, bland website. This did bring a lot of challenge for UX designers in 2016, but it also provided them with a great way to push boundaries to the next level. It did show that there’sa lot to be had here and the experience is all so well worth it.

Personalized user experience

Website visitors want their experience to be personal, and unique. As a result, UX designers have to follow this trend to the best of their capabilities. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it does bring in front quite a bit of rewards for the customers. Yes, there are some issues here and there, but the experience is certainly worth it for the user experience in the end.

Split screen layouts

This was one of the major UX trends for 2016 and we can see it expanded well beyond that. It provides some of the best ways to navigate a website in a stunning manner and it works incredibly well.

Flat design

Many UX designers opted for flat designs in 2016. Even if this is mostly for professional use and company websites, there are many companies that still focus on using this type of technology. Only time will tell if this design type will stick, but results are promising at this point.

These are some of the best UX trends for 2016. We can easily imagine that 2017 will come with some new, incredible trends in the longer terms. Only time will tell what will happen and how we will be able to achieve those goals, but results are certainly promising. We can expect the next year to come with more interesting, daring design ideas!


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