Mobile marketing trends of 2016

Smartphone apps amount to a total of around 50% of all media time that people consume on a daily basis.

Smartphone apps amount to a total of around 50% of all media time that people consume on a daily basis. The trends are getting more and more powerful to the point where it can be very hard to identify mobile marketing in all of its glory. That’s what makes the experience so distinct and unique in the first place. But what trends are dominating the mobile marketing world at this time? Let’s find that out right now.

Instagram and mobile video ads

This is one of the trends that lasted the entire year and it still goes strong into 2017. The reason is simple, mobile advertising works very well if you have enticing content and video can offer that. The same goes for Instagram, a website primarily focused on visuals.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are constantly adopted by mobile users, so more and more people adopt them nowadays. It’s hard to imagine a world where people rely solely on mobile payments, but we are slowly getting there.

Native ads for mobile

Up until 2016, a lot ofads were desktop based and they were just ported to mobile. Now, we have a wide array of mobile ads specifically designed for native use. That alone shows the great power offered by native ads and how helpful they are at enticing people to generate more conversions.

More apps, less mobile optimization

By this point, most websites are optimized anyways. The main focus in 2016 was on creating dedicated applications for consumers. This does bring in front an interesting set of new opportunities that customers are ready to explore.

Vertical video ads

These video ads started to take the world by storm and now they are increasingly popular on mobile. The reason is simple, they are a delight to use and you receive a lot of value from them. They can also help a brand boost its performance, which is very impressive.

Native social ecommerce integration

Social ecommerce is soon going to explode and 2016 was the year when most social sites started to blend in with Ecommerce. Not all sites do that at this point, but the most important ones are focused on that and the ROI is certainly huge here.

Mobile marketing automation

As you can imagine, more and more marketers are focused on automating the day to day mobile marketing tasks. That’s why 2016 was a great year for mobile marketing automation, especially since more and more automation solutions have managed to enter the market at a very rapid pace.

As you can see, 2016 was a great year for mobile marketing and it did bring in front some incredible trends. It’s safe to say that the results offered here are quite impressive and rewarding, so you should definitely consider focusing on these trends as some of them are still active. It’shard to say where mobile marketing will go from here in 2017, but results can be more than impressive in the longer term!


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